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Payment is required upon pick-up or delivery of finished work, and on the day of completion of on-site work. Unless otherwise arranged, pick-up is required within seven days of being notified that your furniture is ready to be collected. 


We offer 7 day accounts for return customers. Upon completion of a project we will forward an invoice to you via email or post. Payment terms are strictly 7 days from the date displayed on the invoice. Arrangements to pay after this time frame can be negotiated by request if deemed appropriate. Payment options include cash on delivery, cheque on delivery made payable to Pamo Industries, or direct deposit within the specified time frame to the bank details nominated on your invoice. Failure to pay within the specified time frame will result in the following action:

  • a FRIENDLY REMINDER invoice to be issued 7 days after the date on the original invoice;

  • a REMINDER invoice to be issued 14 days after the date on the original invoice;

  • a weekly $20 late fee will be charged starting 21 days from the date on the original invoice and will continue to accrue until the account is paid in full.

In the event that a customer is unable to pay their outstanding invoice Pamo Industries reserves the right to recoup any costs by means of selling the furniture which is not paid for. Pamo Industries will give warning to the customer of this action. An invoice for any further monies owing will be forwarded to the customer with seven day payment terms. Failure to pay this invoice will result in legal action being taken. 



Pamo Industries offers free quotes for furniture restorations and repairs. Our quotes are only a price guide and the final invoice may vary in price depending on the amount of labour and materials required to complete the work. 


A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required before commencing a custom design project. Deposits for restoration projects can be negotiated depending on the work required. 



Insurance quotes are provided upon request. Insurance and or damage reports will require a face-to-face assessment at the location where the goods are stored. We will discuss with you the restoration work required, photograph the damaged items and then provide a detailed quote which will be forwarded to you via email or post. This service will attract a fee based on your location. This fee will be deducted from the total invoice amount once the restoration work is completed.

Please note, we do not accept payments from insurance companies for completed work. All outstanding invoices will need to be settled by the customer. It is then up to the customer to arrange reimbursement from their insurance company. 


In the event that a third party is paying the outstanding invoice, finished pieces must be paid for in full prior to collection or delivery. 



Design quotes require a non-refundable $50.00 payment, which is deducted from the final invoice amount upon completion of a project. Each design quote includes an exclusive Pamo Industries design drawing and construction quote. A custom design project will not be commenced until your approval is provided in writing. It is important you are happy with the design as we will not provide refunds or exchange if you are subsequently dissatisfied with a design approved by you. Each Pamo Industries design drawing is protected by Australian Copyright Law and shall not be forwarded to other businesses for duplication.



Pick-up and delivery is available to Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne and surrounding areas. Delivery fees will be included with your quote. If you reside outside of these areas please ask us about recommendations for couriers and removalists. 



Furniture not collected by the customer within negotiated time frames following completion will incur a $20 storage fee per item, per week for items stored at the Pamo Industries workshop.



At Pamo Industries we pride ourselves on the high quality of furniture that we produce. We never let a piece of furniture leave our workshop unless it has been checked to ensure it is the appropriate size and is free from sanding marks, dents, pulled grain or other damage. All of our pieces are provided with maintenance instructions. It's important to follow our maintenance recommendations in order to prolong the life of the furniture and prevent unwanted damage.


We guarantee that pieces made, repaired and/or restored by us are of an acceptable quality, safe, durable and free from workmanship defects. We guarantee that our furniture will be made or restored in accordance with the instructions provided by you. We guarantee that the finished appearance will be acceptable to you, subject to the imperfections which may arise as described in our Timber Disclaimer.


If there is a minor issue with your piece of furniture, as per Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced. You are also entitled to a refund or replacement in the unlikely case of a major failure. Pamo Industries reserves the right to choose between repair or replacement of an item depending on the extent of the damage. Pamo Industries needs to be informed of a claim within 7 days of the defect occurring or becoming apparent.


Normal wear and tear is a factor outside of Pamo Industries' control and is excluded as a reason to claim.  Examples of normal wear and tear include, but are not limited to, natural darkening of timber over time, natural movement of timber as a result of environmental conditions, dulling of the surface and scratches that occur from everyday use. Also excluded are claims arising from:

  • accidental damage by the customer;

  • abusive, negligent or inappropriate use; 

  • improper or inadequate care;

  • maintenance applied that is not recommended by Pamo Industries; 

  • alteration or repair not undertaken by Pamo Industries;

  • defects that result from delivery mishandling when delivery is not provided by Pamo Industries;

  • natural marks, blemishes or recycled characteristics of the timber;

  • excessive weight being placed on surfaces; and

  • change of mind. 



Timber is a natural living product and is constantly moving, depending upon the surrounding environment. Small splits may appear in the timber when a change in environment occurs quickly. This is a normal part of the natural adaptation process and is not considered to be a material or workmanship defect.


The nature of timber means that there can be fluctuation of natural characteristics including tone, gum vein, gum pockets, grain pattern and knots. We always ensure we match the timber as close as possible to your preferences. However, each piece of timber is unique and we cannot guarantee to reproduce an exact match. Customers are welcome to provide their own timber for any work carried out by us.



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